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Questions with an asterisk* are mandatory questions. 
Are you making use of any of the following technological advancements in your supply chain to secure processes (Please select all that apply):*
Digital processing
Blockchain security
Track and trace technologies
None of the above
Fom a range of 1 -5, with (5) being highest and (1) being lowest, how would you rate the international response to raising awareness on supply chain weakness at a time of disruption caused by Covid-19? *
In terms of discussions on illicit trade with Government OFFICIALS, which of the following do you feel would provide the best level of leverage to attract their support (Please select 2)*
The impact on loss of taxation
The impact of organised crime
The impact on your consumers health and safety
The impacts on economies and job opportunities
Did your company experience any delays or disruptions within your supply chain?*
If so, what is your company’s plan to avoid these issues in the future?
The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in significant changes to e-commerce sales across various product sectors. Do you envision any long-term changes to your e-commerce strategies (post-pandemic) because of these changing online consumer trends brought on by the pandemic challenges?*
Since the pandemic, have you seen an increase the counterfeiting of your products and if so what have the challenges been? *
Overall, what was/is your company’s biggest vulnerability during the Covid-19 pandemic?*
Main sector of activity?*